Workplace Dynamics (WD)

WD Accepting Feedback **New**

Not all employees are good at accepting feedback whether it is recognition or corrective.  As a result, leaders often shy away from giving feedback because they are “scared” of what might happen during the conversation.  This module is designed to train participants on the meaning of feedback and how to behave and participate in the conversation so that all the parties involved finish the conversation with a greater understanding of the expectations discussed and how to meet them. (4 hours)

 WD Accountability **New**

Accountability means taking a position of ownership for events and actions.  In this module the participant will learn the key components of accountability, learn to analyze situations, objectively look for the causes.  This course will help develop and improve the skills and attitudes needed to strengthen personal accountability, minimize blame, take initiative to improve communication and welcome feedback from others.  They will learn to ask themselves, “What else can I do to rise above my circumstances and achieve the results the company and or I desire?”   (4 hours)

WD Attitude—Building a Positive Career **New**    

A 2015 study revealed that employees are drawn to jobs and stay at jobs longer when the people around them approach their jobs in a positive manner.  One negative employee can create an atmosphere that causes team members to start missing work or leave their jobs completely.  Participants will assess themselves and learn techniques for creating a positive work environment.   (4 hours)

WD Asking Questions **New**

 Effective communication happens when you listen more that you talk.  Employees often feel that asking questions makes them seem “not smart”.  Asking questions is about being SMART, the more we understand what we are being asked to do the better the outcome and the less rework. This module focuses on the need to ask clarifying questions and will train the participant on how to ask those questions to gain better understanding. (4 hours)

WD Bullying – Prevention in the Workplace **New**   

Do all Bullies know that they are Bullies?  This module explores bullying from both the position of the bully and the bullied.  Using videos, workplace examples and worksheets participants explore the impact of bullying, how not to be a bully and what to do if you are being bullied. (4 hours)

WD Change – Making the Shift **New**

Change is rarely embraced.  Employees often report that they work for companies that make changes just for the sake of changing.  This module helps participants take a look at their reaction to change, what kind of change they embrace and what changes cause them to “dig in their heels”.  This module is activity and worksheet driven. (4 hours)

WD Change & the “Cheese” Experience **New**

Change is all around us. The more quickly and effectively we can adapt, the greater our results will be. This course provides a fresh, positive view of change and techniques for mastering change. Participants watch the movie “Who Moved My Cheese?” and apply the “Handwriting on the Wall” to personal situations. The “Cheese” story allows participants to identify with the characters in the movie and to move beyond their fears and concerns about change, and gain new “fun” language that quickens the change process. Participants also learn how to support, guide and encourage others to adapt effectively to change. (4 hours)

WD Conflict Resolution **New**

Is conflict good or bad?  It depends, is it coming from a place that is challenging the status quo in an attempt to make things better or is it designed to antagonize?  This module is designed for employees to take a look at the intent of the conflict and then learn how to manage the conversation around it before the effects become devastating to the workplace.   This module is designed to help the participants work through conflict so that the team becomes stronger and helps them decide if they need their leaders help to mediate, or if they can handle it on their own.  (4 hours)

 WD Constructive Feedback - Giving and Receiving **New**

Your managers have been trained to give good feedback both recognition and corrective.  The individual contributor does not know what to do with the feedback or what the feedback is designed to do.  This module is designed to help participants grow in their jobs by learning from the feedback they are receiving and see it as a positive job enhancer. (4 hours)
WD Creating Value **New**

Employees often feel as if their company sees them just as a number.  This module will help the participants gain the skills that will help them demonstrate their value to their leaders.  The course starts by defining value and then taking a look at what their company values.  The participants will explore ways to promote themselves within the company values. (4 hours)
WD Critical Thinking **New**

Businesses use the term Critical Thinking all the time and yet many employees have no clue what the term means.  This Workplace Dynamics module is designed to help employees better understand what the term means and how to use critical thinking skills in their job. Employees will learn to separate assumptions from facts. By using critical thinking in their jobs, employees will become more valuable contributors and help increase the organization’s competitive edge in today’s business environment.  (4 hours)
WD DiSC Classic **New**

Why do we act the way we do?  Why do we struggle to get things done?  Why can’t we communicate?  Why is there conflict all the time with certain people? DiSC® Classic is designed to help employees understand personal differences and appreciate the strengths and challenges of fellow employees. DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model identifies and groups behavior in 4 easy-to-understand areas: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.   (4 hours)

WD Effective Communication **New**

Effective Communication is more than just being able to talk; it is being able to share your message in a way that makes sense to the person interpreting it.  After all, what good is knowing something if you cannot share it?  Make each contact with a co-worker a positive and productive experience.  This module is designed to help participants learn what the other person in the communication needs from them in order to understand the information being shared.  (4 hours)
WD Emotional Intelligence - Behavior Perception vs. Intent **New**

Emotional Intelligence is one of the key skills that will cause employees to succeed.  A lack of Emotional Intelligence not only impacts the employee it impacts the team and the business as a whole.  Participants will learn how the brain words when dealing with information and focus on their behavior and the impact it has on them and on the people around them.    (4 hours)
WD Enhancing Your Professionalism **New**

Do your employees look the “part”?  Why is looking professional for your job so important?  What do “they” mean “look professional”, is it all about the clothes we wear?  In this module participants will focus on the importance of their professionalism and the impact it has on their success on the job and their career.  Participants will look at pictures, work in groups and use worksheets.  (4 hours)
WD Expressing Yourself: Presenting Your Thoughts and Ideas **New**

The ability to express oneself and present ideas clearly and persuasively and in a manner that gets attention and gets someone viewed as a leader.  The participant will learn how to organize their thoughts with a focus on addressing the needs of the listeners and achieving their objectives while delivering their message clearly and concisely.  They will have a greater understanding of how the audience perceives their message.  (4 hours)

WD FISH! **New**

The FISH! module is designed to help your employees catch the energy and release the potential. Based on the best-selling book “FISH!” by Stephen Lundin and John Christiansen, this module draws lessons from the fun-loving fishmongers at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  Participants view the FISH! video and explore how the FISH! Philosophy can help motivate them in their job regardless of what they do. (4 hours)
WD Generations: Working Side by Side **New**

For the first time in history four generations are working side-by-side.  These four generations often clash simply because they “see” the world differently.  This module focuses on the similarities these generations share vs. the differences.  The module starts with a self-assessment that allows the participant to better understand with which generation they identify. The module also helps develop skills to manage the differences so that all generations are comfortable working together. (4 hours)

WD Getting Promoted **New**

Entry level employees often expect to get promoted simply because they have been doing the job the longest or because of “fairness”.  This module explores what business look for when selecting the candidate to promote.  Participants will use worksheets to take an honest look at their work habits and look to see if they have what the business is looking for or where they need to improve in order to qualify for the next promotion. (4 hours)
WD Interviewing Skills-Going on an Interview **New**

Your employee has applied for another job at your company but they are having difficulty with the interview process.  How do they prepare? What do they say? What will they be asked?  What should they ask?  The answer to these questions and many more will be covered in this 4- hour module.  The participant will complete the class with the confidence to take on any interview that comes their way!  (4-hours)

WD Looking the Part **New**

Do your employees know how they should dress for success?  Dressing for success does not mean wearing a suit to work every day, it means dressing appropriately for the position they have.  Do they understand dress rules, not just the what, but the why the attire is required?  This module helps participants take a look at their required attire and how that attire should be presented so that they are seen as professionals in “their world”. (4 hours)

 WD Managing Job Stress **New**

In today's fast-paced changing workplace, employees must recognize early warnings of job related stress. This module helps participants identify their personality type and understand how it affects the way they deal with stress. Participants will develop long-term and short-term coping skills to effectively manage pressure, conflicts and feedback, along with techniques to achieve more balance and energy in your life. (4 hours)

WD Performance Review Conversations **New**

Performance appraisals are often seen as a “beat down”.  Employees figure that their boss is going to write in whatever they want to write in regardless of the reality of their work.  This module will enhance the relationship between employees and their leaders, improve performance for the organization, and enhance employee-manager communication significantly. (4 hours)

WD Professional Communication **New**

Communication is a two way street.  Yet most people rate themselves as an effective communicator because they like to talk.  This module introduces participants to the five keys to being a professional.  It includes a self-assessment on being professional.  Participants will learn how to use silence more effectively and work on their listening skills.  (4 hours)

 WD Resume Writing **New**

Many employees are looking to change jobs within the company but they have problems because their resume does not adequately cover what they do and what they are capable of doing.  Their resume should be a powerful tool that generates interviews.  Participants will learn the important things to include in their resumes, and learn what to keep to themselves. (4 hours)

WD Scheduling **New**

How important is scheduling a day-off or time-off?  “Why can’t I call in the day before?”  Participants will learn why and how businesses create the schedules that keep the business running.  They will learn how important it is for the business to be at full staff and understand peak hours. (2 hours)

WD Social Media **New**

“My life is my life why should the business I work for care what I post on line?”  More and more businesses are “letting go” of great employees because of things they post on-line.  This module will explore the company’s code of conduct/ethics to help employees understand what posts will cause them to potentially lose their jobs. (2 hours)

WD Time Management/Prioritizing **New**

Managing time effectively is fundamental to success. Employees are busier than ever.  This course offers the participants the opportunity to take a look at how they manage their time and be more effective with not only the time they can control but also the time they cannot control. (4 hours)

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