On-Site Training



  • WD Effective Communication
  • WD Accountability
  • WD Accepting Feedback
  • WD Attitude – Building a Positive Career
  • WD Emotional Intelligence
  • WD Conflict Resolution
  • WD Enhancing Your Professionalism


Module 1—WD Effective Communication **New**

Effective Communication is more than just being able to talk; it is being able to share your message in a way that makes sense to the person interpreting it.  After all, what good is knowing something if you cannot share it?  Make each contact with a co-worker a positive and productive experience.  This module is designed to help participants learn what the other person in the communication needs from them in order to understand the information being shared.  (4 hours)

Module 2—WD Accountability **New**

Accountability means taking a position of ownership for events and actions.  In this module the participant will learn the key components of accountability, learn to analyze situations, objectively look for the causes.  This course will help develop and improve the skills and attitudes needed to strengthen personal accountability, minimize blame, take initiative to improve communication and welcome feedback from others.  They will learn to ask themselves, “What else can I do to rise above my circumstances and achieve the results the company and or I desire?”   (4 hours)

Module 3—WD Accepting Feedback    **New**

Not all employees are good at accepting feedback whether it is recognition or corrective.  As a result, leaders often shy away from giving feedback because they are “scared” of what might happen during the conversation.  This module is designed to train participants on the meaning of feedback and how to behave and participate in the conversation so that all the parties involved finish the conversation with a greater understanding of the expectations discussed and how to meet them. (4 hours)

Module 4 – WD Attitude—Building a Positive Career   **New**

A 2015 study revealed that employees are drawn to jobs and stay at jobs longer when the people around them approach their jobs in a positive manner.  One negative employee can create an atmosphere that causes team members to start missing work or leave their jobs completely.  Participants will assess themselves and learn techniques for creating a positive work environment.   (4 hours)

Module 5 – WD Emotional Intelligence **New**

Emotional Intelligence is one of the key skills that will cause employees to succeed.  A lack of Emotional Intelligence not only impacts the employee it impacts the team and the business as a whole.  Participants will learn how the brain words when dealing with information and focus on their behavior and the impact it has on them and on the people around them.  (4 hours)

Module 6 – WD Conflict Resolution **New**

Is conflict good or bad?  It depends, is it coming from a place that is challenging the status quo in an attempt to make things better or is it designed to antagonize?  This module is designed for employees to take a look at the intent of the conflict and then learn how to manage the conversation around it before the effects become devastating to the workplace.   This module is designed to help the participants work through conflict so that the team becomes stronger and helps them decide if they need their leaders help to mediate, or if they can handle it on their own.  (4 hours)

Module 7 – WD Enhancing Your Professionalism **New**

Do your employees look the “part”?  Why is looking professional for your job so important?  What do “they” mean “look professional”, is it all about the clothes we wear?  In this module participants will focus on the importance of their professionalism and the impact it has on their success on the job and their career.  Participants will look at pictures, work in groups and use worksheets.  (4 hours)



Workplace Dynamics

 Successful Employee Series

7 modules

Not all people entering the workforce have had jobs, been successful in their previous jobs or know how to handle themselves at the workplace.  The Workplace Dynamics series is designed to help individual contributors understand what businesses see as successful.  Workplace Dynamics focuses on moving individuals from an individual focus to a team focus.