On-Site Training


Enhancing Your Professionalism

Your professional image plays a vital role in your success and in the success of your organization.  Do your employees have a communication style appropriate to your business?  Do they present a professional appearance? Building and maintaining a professional image is the focal point of this program designed for the business professional. If you want your employees to build self-confidence, present themselves professionally, and communicate more effectively, this program is for you. Participants will learn things about themselves and about the impression they make. Best of all, they will learn how to make changes that will enhance their success on the job. (4 hours)

Interviewing Skills-Going on an Interview **New**

You have written the resume and set up the interview, how do you prepare? What do you say? What will they say?  What will they ask?  The answer to these questions and many more will be covered in this 4 - hour module.  The participant will complete the class with the confidence to take on any interview that comes their way!  (4 hours)

Managing Job Stress

In today's fast-paced changing workplace, office professionals must recognize the early warnings of job related stress. Participants will identify their personality type and understand how it affects the way they deal with stress. Develop long-term and short-term coping skills to effectively manage pressure, conflicts and feedback. Techniques to achieve more balance and energy in their life will increase their job performance. (4 hours)

Resume Writing   

First impressions count. This module will help participants create a great resume or improve their current one. A resume should be a powerful tool that generates interviews.  Participants will learn the important things to include in a resume, and learn what to keep off. Overcome gaps in work history and age discrimination. This course includes the use of online resumes and tips on getting a resume through the online websites. (4 hours)


Professional Development