On-Site Training


Call Center Coaching

Call Centers are still the primary form of contact for many businesses. The way the phone call is handled can “make or break” your business.  Customers form their first impression and commonly a lasting impression of your business based on the Customer Service they receive on their call to your business.  After all, the call center is often the only communication a customer will have with your business.  You are spending the money to have a live person answer the call, so get a positive Return on Your Investment by training the people answering the phone to be professional problem solvers.  

Train your Call Center team to deliver your company message with each and every call.  Train your team to be natural on the phone, not script readers.

  • Does your team sound happy to be working?
  • Did they introduce themselves?
  • Do they speak clearly?
  • Do they make sense?
  • Do your customers seem to get upset often?
  • Do you have a high number of call get escalated to a supervisor?
  • Do your employees really know why the caller has contacted them or did they assume it based on a previous call?
  • Do the calls take too long to get the job done?

TrainerAngie has the ability to make those Secret Shops, record them, score them against soft skills and correct information. TrainerAngie takes the information from the score sheets and trains call center employees on the soft skills needed to carry the businesses message forward along with coaching the individuals based on the individual calls. 

Benchmarking Evaluation Program

Listening, recording and evaluating calls - to better understand both the strengths and the weaknesses of the team Measure many key skills including soft skills, questioning and listening skills along with the effectiveness and the accuracy of the information provided   
What is working? It is important to hold onto those skills.
What is not working? Build on the skills that are weak. 
Executive summary provided with suggestions on where the training needs to focus.  Team leaders will better understand what is going on with their teams and will better able to start coaching for recognition and also for improvement.
Benchmarking helps customize the training program to the very specific needs of your business.

Recorded calls and evaluations will be available on-line. 

S.E.R.V.E. Training

A training program that includes multiple hour training sessions.  These sessions are done 2 hours at a time (to protect the integrity of the call center) and include the following pieces:

     Session 1 – Defining Great Customer Service 

     Session 2 – S.E.R.V.E. – Conversation Model                                 

     Session 3 – Dealing with Difficult Customers      

The S.E.R.V.E. customer service model creates a communication script for the soft skills by simply enhancing the ability to have an effective dialogue.  The skills also form the foundation for a call evaluation form.

Evaluation Program

An evaluation program is a powerful business tool used to enhance the transparency and consistency of quality customer service from both a soft skills and an accuracy practice. Evaluation forms also help create an objective measure from which to coach.  The leader has data demonstrating the skills or lack thereof. Each evaluation is designed not only with a scoring mechanism but with space for specific examples.          
     During the call did the representative (an example of some of the evaluation questions):  

  •  Open with the proper greeting? 
  •  Actively listen and ask the appropriate assessment questions for the situation at hand?    
  •  Share the correct answers and information?   
  •  Close the call by verifying that both parties had a similar understanding of the call?

The evaluations will be provided along with a recording of the call by e-mail and online to designated call center leaders.  At the end of each evaluation TrainerAngie will have a debrief attached suggesting coaching points to simplify the process for the team leads or for anyone else participating in the coaching process.  The evaluations are designed to work with the scripts that will be designed for the business’ customer service team. 


One-on-One Coaching 

Team members often benefit from individual coaching.   Clients often build coaching into their program which helps take their team to another level simply because there are some behaviors and skills that are better coached by a coach vs. a team leader.  Each of those coaching sessions are fully customized as they are based on the specific needs of the representative being coached. 

Ongoing Monthly Secret/Mystery Shops  ​ Actually applying the skills on an on-going basis is the true payoff of the training.  TrainerAngie recommends doing two follow-up calls per representative per month. TrainerAngie will record the call, track it on the evaluation form complete with a debrief.  Those calls, evaluation forms and debriefs will be available on-line and/or emailed every month.