On-Site Training


  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Bullying: Prevention in the Workplace
  • Generations Working Side-by-Side
  • Resolving Conflict


Module 1—Effective Communication

It seems the problem with effective communication is the illusion that it actually occurred.  Make each contact with a co-worker a positive and productive experience.  This practical and logic skill building 4-hour program tailored to modern business models provides participants with a blueprint for creating relationships that compel people to not only work together but want to work together.  (4 hours)

Module 2—Emotional Intelligence

People do not intentionally seek to be misinterpreted.  Emotional Intelligence is understanding how you are sharing a message, how it is being interpreted and making the appropriate adjustments throughout the communication.  The participant will learn about the four competencies of Emotional Intelligence. The module is designed to instill the skills needed to improve relationships with co-workers, friends and family, reduce stress and improve communication, leading to improved teamwork and collaboration. The participant will watch videos, complete worksheets and participate in conversations to apply the competencies involved with Emotional Intelligence.  (4 hours)

Module 3—Bullying: Prevention in the Workplace

Bullying does not just happen at school.  Employees are often confronted with bullies at work, some recognize it, others do not.  Bullying generally: lowers employee morale, reduces productivity, decreases revenue and may even have long-term psychological effects.  Employees need to learn the skills to manage the situation.  Employees want to feel comfortable at work and not fear a co-worker or a leader.  Because not all bullies behave the same and not all people react the same to bullying, many people do not know that their behavior is being interpreted as threatening.  This module explores bullying and bullied behavior and what can be done to modify the behavior and get back to work. (4 hours)

Module 4—Generations—Working Side-by-Side

For the first time in history four generations are working side-by-side.  These four generations often clash simply because they “see” the world differently.  This module focuses on the similarities these generations share vs. the differences.  The module starts with a self-assessment that allows the participant to better understand with which generation they identify. The module also helps develop skills to manage the differences so that all generations are comfortable working together and supervising other generations. (4 hours)

Module 5—Conflict Resolution

If conflict is not handled effectively, the results can be devastating. Conflicting goals can quickly turn into personal dislike, teamwork break downs and wasted talent as people disengage from their work. When conflict is resolved effectively, team members can develop a stronger mutual respect and a renewed faith in their ability to work together.  This module offers solutions depending if the leader needs to mediate, help or stay out of the resolution.  (4 hours)

Bridging the Gap

5 modules

Develop teams that honor and respect each other. This series of classes provide participants with a blueprint for creating relationships that compel people to not only work together, it also creates reasons to want to work together.